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October 12, 2012


my cousins in the uk have been and they loved it. and believe me, my cousin liz is a total sissy and hates the cold. the ice hotel has tons of sleeping bags, furs, etc. to keep you warm. the kids will never, ever forget the trip. and it's actually a pretty easy jaunt from ireland.

omg roflol and crying in commisceration at the same time
that is just a crazy and stupid concept for a hotel lol! thank goodness my dh is a cold weather sissy ;)

Thanks for sharing!

I've been dreaming about the Ice Hotel ever since I knew it was a thing. I'd live in an ice hotel if that was at all possible. Just do it, how bad can 5 whole days really be? I'd give my right arm for that kind of chance for my family. Maybe even both arms.

The heck?!
Cold AND hard.
If I were you...I'd freak out. And I have meat on my bones. You'd better start knittin' some longjohns.

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