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July 30, 2012


Oh, lord, no. Don't ever let Michelle Duggar let you feel like a lazy mother. She only ever takes care of the youngest babies. Her older children, especially the older daughters, take care of the younger children. The daughters cook dinner and feed it to the children. The daughters make sure the kids are cleaned of crumbs and have their teeth brushed.

And I'm sure your kids thought eating pizza in the bathtub was awesome. That's the sort of thing they'll look back on fondly when they grow up.

8^O what a brilliant idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another example of your brilliance.

I really like this idea! For now, I just make my kids jump in the pool instead of taking baths/showers.

No judgement here! I think it's a brilliant idea, but I doubt I'll be able to convince my 19 & 21 yr. old sons of that fact.

Wow, that's some unexpected solidarity. Thanks, guys - I needed that!

Are you kidding me? If I had thought of it, I would do it with myself every day!! Off to the tub!!

Fabulous idea! My daughter (6) would live in the bath if she could so that would be her idea of heaven and make me mummy of the century. When i was a nanny in the UK in summer, we would get out the little paddling pools and at the end of the day put bath wash in and the kids had a wonderful time making bubbles (and getting clean) just before their parents came home :)

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