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June 06, 2011


omg you have me dreaming now! i dont think ther is a single bed you showed that isnt just awe-filling - oh! i want an outside hanging bed now too :(
and my dh is a stick in the mud too when it comes to 'outside thebox' but he never does warm up to my crazy ideas ;P
so sorry about your dream house :( but like you say, a million things can happen byu june 30!

Chin up, your house will find you and you will find her. This just means you will have more time to explore and develop fabulous design ideas..
A little person in my house would like pink stained wood floors for her room..I said I'd ask an expert if she had any photos or ideas...?
I came across Betsey Johnson's very pink home when searching the web for floors and thought of you.

I know exactly how you feel. We too saw our dream house after 2 years (!) of searching. Not accepted and someone else put in a higher offer. Back to square 1 and our buyers are getting angry...Hang in there if you can.

Very appropriately written and put forward. this is a great blog post. Gives Fodder for brain as well as compells you to ponder. Happy That I discovered this site.

I totally agree with you and it really looks like a dream house.

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