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June 12, 2011


cute stripes, cutey pie girl!

OMG! She is mini-you!

great job juniorette!
so did jr really break your tailbone at delivery?

Aside from the obvious fact that Juniorette is ridiculously adorable and has fabulous style, her shirt? $78.00 at a boutique easily. Well done Juniorette!

Rebecca, He not only broke it - he dislocated it so far back that I can't even sit on a hard surface straight. i have to sort of sexily sit on one buttock or the other, cross my legs, and try to fake a demure look. How's that for TMI?

rock on, juniorette!


Hmmm. I am loving this top.

It's so hard to see your child get so disappointed like that and then to question their creativity. But I'm glad you both had so much fun creating it. I have 2 daughters myself and we love to craft together so I understand how it is cherished time together.

Dear Juniorette,

Your striped shirt is fantastic. I love that the stripes don't cover the whole shirt. It makes it much more interesting than all over stripes. I am very impressed with your design. Keep doing your own thing, you're very good at it.


Juniorette is totally adorable; wondering where her father fits into her production - she is the "spitting image" of her mother! And obviously has her own design ideas, which are brilliant! Enjoy enjoy enjoy; this time will fly!


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