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June 27, 2011


Also I want to say that I would have loved having a nook bed when I was a kid, even if the room was a little small

Very cute house. I personally think that grass is overrated and would keep the plants in the backyard (and maybe add more).

Seriously? Wow. Your husband has grown. That bed nook is sooo fabulous. Our house is going on the market. Makes me want to throw up. At least you aren't leaving your dream house!!!

The house is gorgeous, but is it silly that the first thing that made me swoon was the color of the fence/deck? So beautiful!

I think the house is quite small, but I like how it looks. Its overall exterior is captivating! There’s just something with it, something that I can’t figure out, that has me so hooked on it. Anyway, yes, it is not enough that you have a clean and green environment, sunlight too is important! Your family must be health conscious, and that’s good! I’m sure, there’s a house somewhere that you will really like.

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