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May 19, 2011


I think white floors are so intrinsically you that you must. I don't think you need another opinion, least of all mine. But, if you're interested in cleaning and upkeep, shoot Megan at beachbungalow8 an email - she just painted hers a while back.

I'm visualizing for you.

Ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I learned this saying from the man himself, along with "Economy of Truth." Economy of truth goes something like this:

Husband: Are they coming today to do the floors?

Me: Yes!

omg! why has noone ever taught me this before???!!!

white floors. was once my dream. then we got them. glorious huge white faux marble ceramic tiles; if i didnt sweep and mop daily they looked horrid; actually, they still did within one hour of my then toddlers and (still) hardworking (interpret that filthy before shower) husband wakling on them.
but when clean, they are soooo gorgeous.
keep dreaming - if it's meant to be, it will be!

I know, Husband and I had a white and black kitchen floor in Dublin. Gross. I guess no eating in the living room, either! Except white chocolate. And Mrs. B, how funny you should mention this. Megan also has a tutorial on there but I thought I'd save it for another time. Her room is so pretty!

If it is the house I am thinking of, no worries. I think their marketing plan of raising the price after a year on the market might delay the sale process! Best of luck and, as you know, any home you get your "in need of a bigger canvas" hands on will become your dream house...and a showplace! Can't wait for the posts and magazine spread!!!

Oh and as far as the floor goes... Just go for it. You can always stain it another color. And as far as husband goes "Golly, the stain looked so different in the can!" seems to work well.

Keep visualizing! I first saw my (now) home in 2006 when prices had skyrocketed and I didn't think I could ever afford it. However, the US Marshalls raided, the owner went to jail, the bank foreclosed while he was in jail, and after nine long months of negotiation with the Marshalls, the bank and their third party I finally got my house at my price! Everyone laughed because I had a picture of it at work where I looked at it all the time and I had written "This house is mine, at my price". Believe me, it works!

i have just bought a little 1900 farm house and the floors are a little grubby on the 2nd floor. i was thinking of painting my workroom floors white. my mother recoils in horror when i mention it, but i kind of like it. so, go for it.

This morning, on NPR, they discussed the juxtaposition of reality-based visualization vis-a-vis the deterministic effects of compromisation...I think that means have your white floor, life is too short to have a dirt-hiding brown one!

Just remind Junior that he can't use sharpies in the white room!!

Ok Rame, now you're going to make me ILL. By the way, at a big KNITTING DO last night there was a woman wearing an LL Bean headlamp so she could see her lace work. We all gave her so much crap about it but in the back of my mind I was thinking...I bet Ramey could get that for me...(with a straight face, of course.)

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