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May 12, 2011


Fantastic. Will have me giggling all day. Should be part of a book called "Pink and the art of Parenting" Think of all those people missing out on your humor and talent. (Kudos on not having a daddy dummy who has to repeatedly walk the plank during the "cruise")

If you get to visit me this summer, I will create the full Four Seasons Palm Beach experience in your honour. Cocktails, food you never heard of, two thousand thread Egyptian cotton sheets, the whole lot all in Connemara. Husband will be sorry he's stuck in Dublin then.

If Daddy had BEEN here he would have been walking the plank,I think. That said, he def. will be when he returns. And the tickets to Ireland have been purchased. It's not IF i go to connemara for 10,000 thread count sheets, it's when. Must find out possible dates.
There once was a place called Connemara
The food there was oh such a horra.
Just kidding, I know it will be GREAT. I'm so excited!

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