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June 01, 2011


i just lol while readnig this
never heard of a "chouse" it's gorgeous nonetheless! too bad it's a nogo forthe hubband :P

OK, that one got a good belly laugh from me. I can just hear the conversation. Accents and all.

Yeah, sigh. I guess you can really hear it. Only usually following the "Missus blah blah blah" there's the standard..."And don't call me Missus!"

:D I love it, am very fond of the "Chouse" myself, though never heard its proper name..

Yeah, I like to make up words.

I am in love with the idea of living in a church. In the next little town over there is a great big (still small town) church that has been converted and I like to drive by and imagine all the space that must be inside, and the great light from the big windows. If it ever comes on the market I am selling everything I own to move in! That was a great laugh this morning though, thank you for that!

How can your husband exhibit such FANTASTIC taste in his choice of a wife and exhibit NO taste in real estate(with the exception of your dream house, of course!) (By the by, a certain neighborhood he HATES was named the smart buy neighborhood in RI. HAH! You'll know it was me if you wake to find his car wallpapered with the RI Monthly article..your refrigerator inspired the idea.)

Yeah, he's unshakeable about that neighborhood, too. Refuses to live there, mostly because of the drive to work which I've explained could be through the park and not down the boulevard.

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