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May 26, 2011


So, so funny. Love the "quitter's way out" line.
(Saw the lovely Juniorette the other day walking past house w/her pony tails bouncing looking like a mini you and pointing at the house. Tried to get her attention but alas,she was on to bigger and better things...)

Ha - Must have been the Walk-a-thon day, or else the day half the second grade ditched class to shoot clay pigeons in the park!

cute light fixture indeed.
lol about the diet coke defense. though i kow the situation was not lol'able :P
and thank you so much for letting me know that i am not the onlymother in the world who has forgotten the tooth under the pillow! man i felt horrible! >:P

Oh wonderful. Could Junior's dessert be displayed here over the dining table to encourage him to finish his dinner?

My cousin and family were vacationing in Washington, DC when their Junior lost his tooth. All went well, up until a point. The tooth fairy dollar was under the pillow in the morning as expected and their Junior was delighted. Then, silence all around. On the floor - the tooth. Before the parents could think of a quick explanation, their Junior said, "Oh, I guess the tooth fairy rules are different in Washington, DC."

Very funny:) I have a pretty good (bad) toothfairy story to tell ya sometime...
Charming lamps!

Yes it could. if you don't eat every brussel sprout on your plate you don't get...a pickled beet!

Susan, you made me typical, and you just can't make stuff like this up!

Those lights are so great... you always have the cutest things on here.

... and shut the front door! A mouse nest in the car. Gah. I once had mouse pop up on the windsheild to say hello. Thankfully the husband was driving, because, it turns out, I am quite afraid of mice. Plus the window was open... and you know when someone spits out the window and it comes in the back... and you know that scene in National Lampoon when the neighbor opens to door and squirrel flys in her face? I was having visions. (But sounded like I was laying an egg)

Amy, I do know that scene! You made me laugh a lot!

Oh my days - super win for your husband!

Your toothfairy story made me giggle!

When I was a little girl we used to put our baby teeth in a glass on the bedside table and by the morning the tooth would be gone an a $2 piece in its place.

Once my mother gave me a melamine cup instead of a glass and I was worried because I thought the toothfairy wouldn't be able to see the tooth. I kicked up a bit of a fuss and my mother angrily insisted that it would be fine because the toothfairy was magical. Boy was I filled with righteous indignation the following morning when I found that the toothfairy had not taken my tooth. That WOULD be the one time my parents forgot!

Yep, our tooth fairy here in England has done that too. Can't get the staff nowadays.

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