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February 15, 2011


That is one of the most delightful things I have seen.

My mom made something like that for me too, but with little hand drawings! I don't know if I followed it, but I loved it!

roflol about the diet coke! glad to know the asking to do this that and the other every single day of their lives is universal (mine are 12 and 10 and i STILL have to remind them ten times / day to yaddayaddayadda...)
love your idea! great thinking!!!
let us know how it goes

It's beautiful. What about a depiction of a tall gin for yourself once they are safely at school?

medusa hair. furry teeth. sounds like my morning routine! in total love with your wall hanging.


What fun to read about your morning routine! It seems like a minute ago that I was living your life and blink! our junior and juniorette are teens. Those days seem so sweet now...even though there were days with baby powder covering the juniors rug. i knew it was too quiet. now, those are all of the things that we laugh about. You are a fun mom!

this is just the cutest idea!

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