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December 12, 2010


I feel your pain, sister! xoxo Beth

That's my favourite recipe. 2 ingredients and a couple minutes to bake.

Feel better <3

Yeepers that pink christmas is cute! I made an all pink gingerbread house a few days ago and it turned out adorable. Hope you get feeling better soon!

Oooh, pink gingerbread house - that sounds excellent! Thanks, guys.

Thanks for channeling your suffering into my amusement Pink! (its documented that laughter is good for the immune system and certainly pretty pictures must be also.)

In your own good time, feel better! (important to embrace the inner grump every so often) Tell teacher that you WERE kidding. Your real recipe is: "Oreos. Serves 32. Step 1: Open bag to serve."

Stephanie, that's nearly what I did - only "Walk to refrigerator aisle and buy dough, throw it in the oven" was where I was heading. SO would not have been appreciated. I'm sure they think I'm the flakiest mother in the school!

Darn that Lyme Disease! I hope today finds you feeling a little bit better. Love the idea of strung Swedish Fish and those cookies are delicious, I only just had them for the first time recently. Yum.

That sure is a lot of pink!

"Wagon"! I love that!!

You sound like you're a great mother, so having Sick Time Off isn't going to put a dent in that. (NB A few days later you're camping in the living room. !! You're so much fun!)

I also make the "suck it Martha" cookies, but I smash a pecan on top after the rollo pretzels come out of the oven. Quite a few people have jumped to the conclusion that I'm fancy.
Our next favorite is a peanut-butter Ritz sandwich dipped in melted almond bark.

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