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September 17, 2010


This home is incredible. I really like those patterned tiles around that gigantic looking fireplace! My word. Lovely. You have a fun blog -I will be back!

Oh yes beautiful! thanks for the reminder of the exponential energy increase-that would be great. I'll go clean out a drawer at least...

I love love love that frothy, over the top chandelier. It looks like it started out as a normal sized one and suddenly, one night, it went... pop! Pop! Popopopopo! and the next morning it was covered with lamps. And that mirror in the bathroom made my eyes go wide and my mouth drop open.

I love finding time and enerfy to do something to make my space nicer. Every time I do, no matter how tiny the thing, it makes me see the place differently. It's a step on the way to my dream house, instead of the uncontrolled mess it was before. (Note: to everyone else, it still looks like a mess. But *I* can see the real place, waiting to happen)

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