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April 14, 2010


Lost Cities? Hmmm...must look into is always fun! Or something.

Hey Pink
I'm going to check out the board game right now. We need something to do! Even though I have so much to do around the house, a little game would be inviting. We played Monopoly during the Xmas break, I always loss, but I'm a good sport about it.
Happy painting Pink.
Love Claudie

Ah yes a card game not a board game. My guys play "magic". They love it. When the kids were small we all played Pokeman, in tournaments too : )

I LOVE ranunculus... i just found some bulb-ish type things at the $ store and planted them a few weeks ago. I hope they come up and have dozens of blooms!!!

Yes honey - that was a wonderful day and night. There are few more romantic things that lying in bed with the love of my life, my best friend, my muse, my soul mate, reflecting on all the amazing times we had, have and will have together, playing a simple game of cards and sipping tea. And to have 2 fantastic chaps snuggled happy in their beds just down the corridor, 2 kids who bring us so much fun and joy, thank you. Happy Anniversary and thank you for all the amazing memories.
And by the way, because it was our anniversary, I let you win. But remember - who won "the champion of ALL TIME" game?

Oh my...those ranunculus are fabulous!!!!!! One of my favourites!!

Very amusing! My husband and I have a similar healthy and highly entertaining rivalry going on between us! Pink Ranunculus gorgeous. I'm loving bright orange Ranunculus at the moment. Their colours are so intense aren't they? Looking forward to seeing your painting of it. Vanessa x

Just read 'husband's' comment! Very sweet! Vanessa x

thanks! it was sweet, wasn't it...and after all my work pretending that he's this high maintenance queen anne loving furniture guy. guess i'm supposed to feel guilty now (but i WAS champion of the world which is more illustrious than champion of all stupid time.)

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