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March 24, 2010


Hi Design-crazed mom. Wanted to check out your blog and I must say, I Lu-huv it! All the pretty and happy colorful things I love. I think the Duck & Bunny and yourself are kin...

Thanks! Jessica
p.s. loved your kate spade blouse story and your great sense of humor. :)

Oh that's so cute! I love the pattern and the colors are perfect for springtime.

Hi there,
I just (re)found you yesterday (via your comment on Nina Invorm's blog). You were one of my favorite blogs a while back, but then you stopped writing and after quite a long wait I gave up on you (and eliminated your blog from my favorites). I am very happy you are back. I like your quirky humor and your taste for colors. I also like your capelet. By the way I am an Austrian living in NJ and I am a size small. If you are interested in knowing where your readers are from you could use this:

Oh lovely! so cute ma'am! perfect!

I've been loving your blog for some time now. your paintings are lovely - keep up the good work. I live in Sunny (ha, ha) Seattle!

I'm here to admire the beautiful shrug in my favourite colours. I can't actually enter as Small and me would not be compatible across the shoulders, and if it's too big for juniorette it's too big for my rowdies, though rowdy number 1 would love it. A knitted beanie hat to match, flowers and all, would be divine.

Barbara, I can see the countries where my readers are from, I just like to hear it from them. It's more personal! Oh, and I've been back writing again for over 2 years!

Well I feel guilty for not dropping my name in the hat! I don't have a daughter but I'd be reeeeelly happy to give this to a sweet girl I know!
You are way too generous to be giving it away.

Okay, maybe it won't fit on me? But I would love to try! haha... very adorable.

It was TWO years ago!? I am quite shocked. Time DOES fly by much faster than I thought. Barbara

Phyllis sent me over here. I can't believe you are offering this in a giveaway. If it isn't too late drop my name in the hat please.


Yes, I too came from Phyllis, what a gorgeous caplet, just right for my daughter or granddaughter! How lovely!
Please enter my name if it isn't too late!
Margaret B

I love the capelet!!! (yeah, just looking at it makes me feel fat, so I could only gift it) Its charming:)

It is so very beautiful!!!!...m..

Well, what is there not to love about casapinka? I have been checking it frequently after stumbling across your peachy (pinky) little blog-ette a few weeks ago and have been absolutely delighted. Such colors, such creativity, such witty commentaries! Down here in sunny Florida, I am a family nurse practitioner by day (who of course, wears pink under her lab coat), child/husband wrangler by afternoon/evening. After the fam is in bed, you'll find me creating my own version of art!- crochet, knitting, playing with glue and glitter or whatever! Thanks for the inspiration! Love it, love it, love it!

You're from Providence?!!
I am in MA about 10 minutes away from you. Funny! Found you through Ravlery. I'm not exactly a pink person, so reading your blog is fun. Cheers!

hmmm, don't know if i would wear it myself but i have two sisters who would love it! altho, it would really only fit the one :)

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I love your color palette, and what a most perfect spring shrug! All your pink is so inspiring; I just had a baby girl, so I can legitimately indulge in my love of pink:)

I hope I'm not too late too enter! This is a beautiful capelet and well done! I'm in Arizona, USA!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

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