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December 10, 2009


I am DYING over those dresses!!

Pink Dress/Black Tights! Black Dress/Pink Tights! Oh My!!!

I need like, right this minute!

Huraaah! We've missed you. Well, I have, can't speak for anyone else. Well, can. Shouldn't.

ANYWAY knitting and retreating is a BRILLIANT idea. I'm always too chicken but, really, most of the times I'm tempted to do that, no one would notice I was gone anyway. And it would help me make nice in the non-knitting bits.

Maybe if you find a huge enough dress AND knit AT the party, the husband won't ask you next time?

Too late to shop pour moi. The party is tonight, and I just hope it is dark and music is so loud I cannot talk to anyone.

I know what you mean! The husband informed me last night that we were going to a party put on by the partners at his firm. Should be fun trying to chit chat with wives I've never met before. I made a run to ross today and found two great dresses (one to be returned on Sunday). Although, those pics are making me think pink tights are needed to complete the look!

Hope you find something fabulous. When forced into these events I tell Mr. B, "If you make me go I am going to behave badly. Really." He never believes me and so far I haven't. But I might.

Those dresses are looking so attractive. specially the first one. Thanks for sharing this.

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