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November 08, 2009


I hope you'll have me over, I'll bring my knitting and we can talk veggies. I'm late getting in the winter garden and it's causing me great stress even though I don't know that we will actually eat enough of any winter crop to warrant tending it but I have gotten some great galoshes to wear while I do so. So, really the rest doesn't even matter.

OOOh, I love the sofa! sounds like a nice morning too. I'm enjoying the goat and the garden.

Gorgeous sofa!

"a marker, the sports section and an apple muffin "

Must remember this, the next time I'm wobbling.

Oh I love this couch! I dream every day about my perfect knitting studio... one day *sigh*!

don't we all just love that little dream time.. i agree about nixing the goat..

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that sofa!!

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