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November 15, 2009


You're right: my house is full of things that I keep just because I'm used to keeping them. I'll have to really look at them. And Juniorette's coat (and indeed herself) is a showpiece.

Love the colorful knitting bag! Adorable post.

OOOOOH gosh, I have a lot of not beautiful happy making stuff in my home. okay. i can remove one thing today.

Thank you for all of the inspiration!!!!!!!

These all made me smile, too.

I love all your smilers- thanks for making me smile, too!

Smilers... May I borrow that wonderful word? It's amazing where "smilers" pop up when you really need them! :)
Just a quick side note... i have not read your blog in a few months even though it is at the top of my favorites. So I just came across your posts about the "Lyme". I thought I would share something with you. A few years ago I was diagnosed with MS at 33. Its been a tough up and down go, but it has changed my life creatively in the most wonderful way. Take the Lyme disease diagnosis and run with it! My motto is I have multiple sclerosis but it does not have me! Having dealt with this period in your life will no doubtedly make you stronger. If your anything like me, it will make you embrace everything around you with a bit more gusto...your fabulous kids, your art, your cupcakes, the color pink... I could go on and on! :) Take care of yourself and live every day to the fullest! (Oh my, I sound like a motivational speaker... sorry. I'm just a chick who has been there!)

Ummm can I please have that pink ottoman??? AMAZING! And I agree, your thrifted pyrex = major smiler...

I love when kids match things by their own criteria and it really works. So hard to do that as an adult and it really is a smiler!

Thanks so much all of you. Heather, that is a wonderful attitude - you're very inspiring!

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