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September 17, 2009


These are gorgeous! That is just odd, I have no explanation. The only reason i'd turn down a cupcake would be because i was too full but then I would tell you so. Germs? No, i wouldn't turn down a cupcake for fear of germs at this moment in time. (My kid eats stuff off of the floor all over the place.)
I don't think you should waste valuable cupcakes on an undeserving public, feed them to your friends!!

I think it depends on what part of the country you're in. After a company party last summer we had extra ice cream treats. Most of them were individually wrapped and we just opened the ice chest and let people know they were free to take what they'd like. Of course, it helped that it was the middle of the summer and at an amusement park, so many people with kids let their kids choose a treat to cool them down.

One of the girls in the company was baffled that people were interested. She'd just moved from NYC and said no one would ever take one back who knows.

Oh my's a sad, sad indication of the times we live in. ie people not taking cupcakes b/c of the 0000001% chance you might get sick or there's poison in there.

But I have good news! It's cultural. Here in Morocco, strangers always share food and all your cupcakes would disappear lickety split!

That sounds interesting. I'm not sure whether I'd take a cupcake (no one has ever offered one) but I think I'd definitely stop and chat if the person looked sane and smiley. Looking forward to reports from the cupcake front...

Well I'm happy to share my food with people. Quite often when we're out as I'm vegetarian people like to try what I'm having anyway.

I would definitely have taken a cupcake from your little girl and am very disappointed that no one did. Even if they didn't want to eat it, good manners and putting a smile on her face costs nothing.

Cupcakes are the best, spread the happiness. Good luck with the quest

I think a lot is based on the presentation. If you're pulling cupcakes out of a bakery box it gives off the idea that it's cleaner. I just have to say that I love this idea! Could be fun to have a bunch of people try it out in an area together. Maybe if crowds of people see it's not just one person they'd be more inclined to say yes. I'd be all for doing it in the Wash. D.C. area!

I'm in NYC and to be honest, I can't imagine anyone taking your cupcakes. Weirdly, if you set up a box and asked for $1 I bet you would get some takers.

It's post tainted Tylanol fear of the unwrapped. Twenty years ago, we used to make a bunch of popcorn and put it in plastic bags to give to trick-or-treaters as they arrived at our door. Today we wouldn't dream of trying to hand out anything that didn't come in a wrapper. No one would take it, and if they did, their parents would make them throw it out.

How interesting. I like this idea. People are quite paranoid I find, like when I stop someone to ask directions and I get this wide-eyed "please don't kill me" stare before they realize I'm harmless.
As for me, if someone offered me a cupcake, I couldn't eat it (I have celiac: gluten intolerance) but I absolutely would have taken one and then passed it on to a friend or family member. Good luck with the project!

I had a similar experience. I brought cupcakes to the farmers' market and tried to give them away. I also had trouble getting people to take them. I'm curious to read more about how your project goes.

It's the serial killer thing. As nonsensical it is that a serial killer would stand in the park with her child and pass out pretty-but-poisoned cupcakes, I do think that is the case. I completely agree with Sarah on the selling thing, though.

Maryam, I'm so glad to here that it's cultural.
Brittanie, such an interesting idea to make it a "movement." But then, all it takes is one single psychopath to screw it up, right?
Sarah, you aren't the first to say in NYC nobody would take them. And if they are for sale, another friend suggested as well that it lends credibility. Like, if I had a sign or something.
Nina, I have already thought about the celiac and allergen issue. Am going to do some gluten free cupcakes!
Mrs. Blandings, it is the serial killer thing as well. I remember my parents not letting me take unwrapped Halloween candy. I wonder if it's like not allowing kids to swim after all this an old wives tale? Remember that it was organic spinach that got everyone so sick last year but lots of people still eat organic!

I agree with the idea of having more success with selling than giving them away. As sad as it is, people would be suspicious of your motives if you are giving them away. If you are selling them, the motive is clear- to make a profit.

You'd probably have the most success near a college campus. (Students love free food.) I would also think men would be more likely to accept as well?

I am curious to see what happens!

Aw, now I wish I lived nearby so I could come for a gluten-free cupcake! :)

The cupcakes are gorgeous. Although, I'd have to admit that if some random person offered me cupcakes...I'd probably decline. Comes from the brainwashing of never accept food from a stranger...when we were younger!

I look forward to hearing more about this cupcake sociology project. It sounds like a brilliant idea.

For awhile I was an anti-beggar on the NYC subway (a term I've made up). Instead of begging, every time I rode the train I tried to give something away. The reactions I received were shocking.

Keep making those beautiful cupcakes...

Unless I knew you or had seen you around I might really, really want to take a cupcake, but I wouldn't (and I live in the midwest). I think it's sad that today's times require us to be paranoid in the extreme, but they do. It's like not being able to pick up hitchhikers, or thinking twice to stop and help a woman who is stranded with car troubles. Sure, she looks harmless, but what about the guy hiding behind the tree, waiting for someone to stop. Maybe I've seen too many movies or known too many people who freak bad things happened to, but I think you're better safe than sorry.

The only baked good i have been randomly offered was a brownie from a pot loving student employee. That I declined, but for entirely different reasons.

If a put-together woman like yourself and a small child came up to offer me a cupcake, I would take it for sure. However, I subscribe to a fading philosophy that folks are more good then bad and to listen to your instincts on things. My husband and I picked up a couple of hitch hikers this summer, something I had never done. The were just young 20ish kids, brother and sister, who were hitching for the experience and meeting their parents in Seattle. They were stinky, but other then that harmless and we met some folks we never would have talked to otherwise.

Anyway, I hope your experiment is interesting and that in the end you meet some wonderful people!

I wouldn't take a cupcake because I'm vegan, but I'd at least stop and say something nice about it all! Or take one for the husband. I don't know if that's because I'm Canadian, or just because my mother raised me this way--she would love this sort of idea.

You go girlz!

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