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September 23, 2009



It was a fantastic idea to bring cupcakes to your meeting! It's like my mom says 'Kill 'em with kindness'. I'm loving this project of yours!

WIN! Those cupcakes sounded and looked AMAZING! Congratulations!!

I just have to say I look like a total babe while eating my delicious cupcake which I had no intention of sharing with my child. THANKS PINK.

You writing, "The man whose behavior is sometimes toolish" fills my heart with hope, makes me sit up straighter and remember that we are all beautiful people who sometimes behave badly.

Thanks for sharing your grocery with child experience, shopping with toddlers does make life a richer experience than otherwise and provides essential empathy with other human parents.

Yes. Recipes. Always. Thanks!

Thank God it was a Good Cupcake Day! Cause I'm having a poopy day myself, and this made me smile. Thanks.

Dear Pinka,

Decline such an artful cupcake? Hmm. I'm not sure I've ever declined a homemade cupcake. (ask my waistline, it agrees). I admire your blog and projects.

oxo Margaret

I am just glad to have gotten to "hold" the cupcake. Shortly after that pic was taken (a very cute one of the 4 of us i must say!), my 4 1/2 came running up screaming for it and ate it all!! OK I managed to take one quick bite. So yummy!

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