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September 21, 2009


Oh I'm so sorry to hear about all those crazy people who turned down your gorgeous cupcakes. What's wrong with people? Maybe bringing another brave person would help. You two working off of each other might give the extra oomph. And hey, if you get really down and out, make cute t-shirts with Cupcake Sociology Project on them. Just try to eliminate all the problems you run into that way next week runs better. I was so excited to read your post about this, so I hope you keep it up!

A girl friend of mine grew a garden with the specific intention of giving away her bounty. People don't want to take it. Really, we are programed that way and for safety sake. I don't know that it's wrong per se. What I do know is that people love to get treats made especially for them so making a batch of cupcakes for the church or for the knitting store would be very well received and they would feel special.

That's my two cents.

Oh, I wonder if there are any homebound people in your congregation that would love to get a cupcake.

First Time reader here - thanks for the many laughs. Keep writing! Keep baking! Keep offering!

People are so strange. I can't believe that germs are such an issue. Do people realize that even if they DID have germs on them, it'd probably be a boost to their immune system? It's not like she's going to catch MRSA from a cupcake...

OMG you've got me rolling on the floor laughing and wondering 'where the hell are you when I need a cupcake' (almost always lately)?

However, may I make a suggestion of where your baking efforts would pay off BIG TIME? Foster kids. Lots of them never even get a birthday cake. Seriously, forget the curmudgeon in the garden and start calling up some foster homes -I guarantee you efforts will last needy child's lifetime.

I would feel the same nervousness in your position.

This is reminding me of that guy on youtube who went around asking for hugs. Didn't he have a sign? Maybe you could put a sign around your neck! Then walk down a busy street!

Long time reader, first time commenter! I LOVE your blog! Anyone who loves pink mohair is a friend of mine!

I live in downtown San Francisco California and not the nice part of town. We have the nice junkies that are only crazy when high, the aggressive junkies that want to fight everything and everyone and the desperate junkies that wont leave you alone till you give them money OR they find someone else who looks like they might have more money than you. These are our neighbors, now I come from a small community where we all helped each other and said things like "good morning" or "pardon me". As jaded as I've become I would never EVER dream of saying no to a person trying to do something to make this place a better happier one!!! I hope Brussels Sprouts lady chokes (BUT doesn't die!) on her bounty!

Honestly I would have taken a cupcake and licked the frosting in front of you but thrown the cupcake away when your NOT looking ONLY because I'm super allergic to glutton!

Keep your head up! And remember this, screw your non-cupcake taking neighbors their just jealous they don't look HALF as good in a apron as you do!

I reckon you'll become so tough and resistant to refusal after all this that you'll make a fortune in a sales role. And Brittanie's t-shirt idea is super. Perhaps also a sticker ('I took a Sociology Project Cupcake!') for anyone who accepts one?

I'm confused. Does she think that her knowing you well automaticaly cleanses your whole house, because she is such a pure soul?

Also, clearly she has never worked in hospitality. Or food supply retail. Otherwise she'd never eat anything ever.

Often times people are suspicious about random acts of kindness because they are programmed to be that way. And I've met a whole lot of people like your church secretary. In fact, my sister and both Godmothers are like that. They will not eat anything from anyone unless they know them personally enough to know if they are a clean chef (wash hands properly, prepare food correctly) or they are at a restaurant. They don't mean any harm, but some people are quirky eaters. I wouldn't take it personally. And yes, I would take a cupcake from you =0)

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