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September 18, 2009


I am loving this series. And the only people who think cooking with children is fun either haven't done it or are medicated. At least in my experience.

Wow! Sounds like you had a day like I'm having today! I do love your shoes BTW! Husbands can be such poop balls sometimes, can't they? The icing is a lovely shade! I'm still smiling about the butter/butt paste bit :)

They look delish! Btw I have those Panda shoes and LOVE them.

Haha, I don't think ANY buttercream frosting (esp. Magnolias) could ever be too rich. Men.

oh my gosh!! what a tale and I love the first and last photos especially!! just love them! frame the last photo and offer on etsy PLEASE. and maybe the one w/morton's salt too.

Oh, you guys - you're so dang supportive! Thanks so much for your feedback.

I'm probably in the minority - but I love cooking with children. Maybe I should clarify - I love cooking with my 9 year old nephew. He is really taking an interest and is such a joy. 'Course I'm not with him everyday.... I love being an aunt.

The story was so interesting. Wonder if you tried different environments. I'm sure downtown I could give away a zillion cupcakes. I might try. But I won't be baking - I'll be buying them. :)

P.S. Yours are lovely.

YOu are amazing. Every time you try something new, you're damn good at it right away. Decor, Crochet, painting, and now beautiful cupcakes.

I do have to side with Husband though as far as frosting goes. It can be too rich for me too. But I'm also in that rare category of who loves salty more than sweet.

Yeah for the Cupcake Sociology Project & I almost forgot to mention that you look adorable in your kitchen apron!

Compulsively Compiled, wow. Thank you so much for the compliments - I'm practically blushing in my golden apron! Peggy, to be fair, I do like cooking w/ my kids quite often, but it seems to go more smoothly when a. I know what I'm doing (which I really didn't w/ the cupcakes!) and b. they aren't together participating in outrageous tomfoolery. Seriously, my daughter was hollering, "Ohhh, aren't you the very best little chair in the world!" while sitting on top of Junior who was, of course, hollering.

Amy, I also sucscribe to the "people are basically good" point of view and I have to be careful that it doesn't cross into naivetee. It's also nice to brighten someone's day with a little something,isn't it?

I can't believe more people didn't comment on how adorable you look in that apron. So cute. And the cupcakes look delish too.

You are adorable. Your cupcakes are adorable. Your project is adorable. Your children are... well... children. And best of all you are hilARious! I shall never make icing again without thinking of cocaine.

Thanks, you guys. I love my apron!

Wow, thanks for the link to my chocky desserts. More than flattered! xx

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