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June 11, 2009


ROFL! That is so you darling! I'm sure hubs will find it to be a glorious addition to the new abode. Yeah right! :)

OMG! My friends who own a salvage company had one like this... but in a little paler shade of pink. I love the all-in-one look!

De-Lurking to say the following:

-I LOVE that kitchen. I actually gasped loudly with delight. At work.

-Your blog is so so so lovely and cute.

-Have a lovely day!!

Thanks for de-lurking and for your sweet comments about CP!

Seriously cool. I would take it in turquoise or red. Or red with turquoise polka dots.

ooooh how fab! imagine this in an all white kitchen space. :)

Wow! That would be a shock for my husband to come home to!

Hey, Pink, have you seen the July issue of House Beautiful? There's an article about an apartment in NYC (inhabited by a woman and her 3 daughters), half of which is painted in Benjamin Moore's "Razzle-Dazzle." Georgeous! -- Check it out!

Tried to email you, btw,, but the email wouldn't go through.

I would love to know where to find something like that for my pink kitchen.

I love this types of colourful kitchen and Its looks like imagine. I am glad to see here.

My girlfriend Trish would love these cabinets!

Here's a bit more about her Pink Diner kitchen:

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