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May 18, 2009


how adorable. I love that color, it works on that house and is so soft it doesn't scream at you.

I use to live in Providence (on the east side), all of the houses, on our street, were painted basically in dull colors. Then I decided one day to paint it gold. I said it was the sunniest spot on our street whenever I gave directions. I actually miss the house - not Providence.

This reminds me of Inger McCabe Elliott's old clapboard house in Stonington, Connecticut, which is painted a very bold blue with a tangerine front door.

I love the scroll-work (I guess you'd call it), below the doorway overhang, too. VEry nice.

I love Asthete's image of a bright blue house with a tangerine door, too. Great idea!

This is so cute and fun. I live in a bright blue house and although we didn't choose the color I think it has made us a little cheerier.
Thanks for stopping by Gathering Spriggs last week. I cant believe you lived in Nashville and also visited the RE shop. that is so wild.
Thanks again,

I love that they've accessorized their purple house with an adorable little red car. Tres chic!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

what a massively beautiful purple house!

If you live in RI, shouldn't you know of the purple house in warwick?
It's kind of a local landmark.

That is not "THE" "Purple House" in Warwick. "THE Purple House" is on Toll Gate Rd. between Apponaug and Kent County Hospital.

Ok, I'll have to go and find it!

Oh, I really need these paint colors! Any chance you know them or could do a stranger a huge favor and find out?

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