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April 03, 2009



I rent my apartment. Now if I wallpaper my fridge, will it be easy to take off and clean when I move?

(luve this idea! my kitchen so needs a retro organic punch too!)

Victoria from

Stunning, Pink! I love it! P.S. thanks for including my quote poster in your Etsy faves - just spotted it! Have a terrific weekend.


this is beautiful!

victoria, i, too, have a rental and didn't ask my landlord. it's not easily removable. someone suggested doing this on large magnets, though. i just love it so much i figure when we buy a place i'll grab another fridge off craigslist if they have a prob and replace it!

annechovie, i've always been a big fan so you are welcome.

thanks, joan!

What a fun print! Great job

This is such a great idea! I also have smaller children and am wondering how well it is holding up with your kids? Is it easily cleaned also? Thank you so much for taking the time to put up a tutorial it is very helpful and I cannot wait to surprise my husband with a "new" fridge. Thanks!

Looks great!! I have an incredibly tiny kitchen; the big print wouldn't work as well. But there are many that would!

From the moment I saw this I've wanted to do it. I am finally getting around to it and am about to order paper, but am wondering how yours is holding up.,,

Alli, it's holding up very well. I think the two coats of matte Mod Podge that I put on it have saved it. I can just wipe ketchup handprints off with a moist towel. I think I'm definitely a good person to test this kind of thing with two spirited kiddos around!

This looks fantastic! The kitchen is my next project and methinks wallpapering the fridge will be at the top of the list.

how did i not realize this?



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