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March 30, 2009


oh please do! that is absolutely adorable!

LOVE IT!!! Great job, I'm impressed. I'd love to see a tutorial if you put it together. How permanent is it? I'm inspired, but would only be able to do if it's removable next year when we move.

Thank you! I have doubts it is removable but my fridge was rusted and NASTY underneath. I mentioned it to my landlord this morning and she laughed and said she couldn't wait to see it (guess you have to know your landlord well.)

You have the best landlord! It looks totally adorable - great job! Can't wait to see more of your kitchen.

It's so FUN!! Your house just screams happiness.

from the guy at michael's you r the new martha stewart awesome job that looks great wow i can't go on i need to stop amazing

wowza! that's fabulous!

I love this! I think it could be completely removable if it was applied to magnet sheets instead of directly to the frige. My frige is brand new, but it's so boring. I might have to go looking for those giant magnets!

+1 for the tutorial! This is so cool.

You've inspired me. I love it!!!

Can anyone think of a more temporary idea for this?! I love, Love, LOVE the look but my landlady would skin my @ss if I did this!

Contact paper, perhaps?

Yes, would LOVE to know how you did this! So cute! Is the adhesive permanent? I'm in a rental so my fridge is not mine.

Please post a tutorial!! I love it!

Yes, tutorial please! Particularly interested in what adheres the wallpaper to the fridge surface.

@chottomotto - magnets, what a great idea!

You are so bold. I love it! I like the plastic placemats idea for a backsplash also.
I've shared your blog with my readers too. Thanks for taking time to write about your creative ideas!

I'd love to see a tutorial, I have a fridge & freezer in my new house that look like they've been a punching bag & could use a fix-up.

tutorial is a must. you should know that by know Pink :))

Thanks so much, you guys. It's great to know that you appreciate my crazy ideas!

this is so much fun - I love it. Great work!

Love your fridge!
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Thank you very much!

I'd love a tutorial of how you wall papered the fridge.

wow, that is a cool fridge! It gives me some ideas in my own home.

For a more temporary solution that is easily removable, go to a sign shop and get a very large magnet cut to size, then wallpaper that.

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