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March 12, 2009


I was waiting for a second post to say WELCOME BACK! I almost took you off of bloglines, but then I wouldn't know if you started blogging again. So glad you have!

This is adorable. I think she should have her own blog on design and fashion from a five year old's point of view (she'll see things from her vantage point we would never see). I know she thinks she did not pose for her shot, but we mothers with daughters have seen that pose more times than we want to remember.

Her shots are great! She's grown so much too! Hope you are well.

What an ingenious idea.
and what beautiful results!

omgosh - this is too precious! I love the shoes - my daughter wsa the same way - she would always go to the shoe dept and try on high heels and prance around. she is still wearing them too! love love love this!

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