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March 24, 2009


Hi Pink! Happy to see you blogging again. And yes, I admit it. I want a pink Smeg! You must have been reading my mind, because I've been planning a post about the pink Smeg.

That Marimekko curtain is smashing. Why don't you make one for your kitchen? Then you'll be working on your cure (ha, ha). And don't worry, you are not the world's worst procrastinator - I am!

I LOVE that kitchen, especially since it looks great and the cabinets look original from what I can tell. Love the Marimekko too. This is going in my inspiration file. Thanks for posting it!!

I like the Marimekko fabric and the grey walls. However, speaking from experience, I can tell you that white-tile floors are a very bad idea! They are impossible to keep clean. I can't wait to change ours. Also, a tiled island or work surface is never a good idea. The grout gets dirty, and I don't think it's very hygenic. I would replace the tiled island with a wooden one. Of course, I don't have an island (our kitchen is too small). Our countertops/work surfaces are stainless.

i love that kitchen! clean, (kept clean cos no children in the picture hahaha) and bright pop of colour with that marimekko. *sigh*

I like it pink kitchen.

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