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October 14, 2008


At first I thought you'd gone and wallpapered your bathroom!

I can't remember when I had to explain that dispenser. Maybe my girls just picked it up on their own.

LOVE the wallpaper.

Now that's stylish

Oh I LOVE this.

That wallpaper is a-MAZE-ing! I have Piero Fomessitti earrings that I wore until you couldn't see the face on them anymore.

très belle ambiance sur votre blog.

A few bloggers have posted this in the past.. It for some reason creeps me out! I know, people LOVE Fornasetti...I just can't get my head around this print..

Beautiful. But I'm a big fan of Fornasetti.

Supercute! But what is that dispenser doing there? LOVE flushing with a pedal :p
Happy holidays darling!

That wallpaper is one of my all time favourites!!!!!!

Brilliant. I've never been a fan of b&w tiled bathrooms (I'm more of a earthy, stoned-wall and wood paneling bathroom kind of gal) but this works brilliantly. Of course this is a RISD! They're insanely talented...

very cute !!!! i love it

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