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March 16, 2008


Woo! Well, keep a couple less rares for the kiddo, and sell the rares for dough. And then show her this blog entry when she's 18 and you buy her a trip to Europe. ;-)

You can color me totally jealous!, but in a good way.

There is no way I'd part with those, not even one. Keep them packed up very safely where nothing can happen to them and wait until you really need the money. Fantasic!!!

Wow! You did hit the jackpot! I might sell some of them now, and then hold onto others for later. You never know when the craze will end (think Beanie Babies), so you might want to strike while the iron is hot.

But, I would totally keep a few favorites just because they are fun.

oh, my God. I have no words. I literally have no words. You are the only human in existence who could stumble unknowingly onto the largest known cache of Blythe dolls in history.

Hey Pink!
I love your blog!
I just saw an exhibit by artist Spencer Finch at Mass MoCA and one of the installations reminded me of you. It's called Trying to Remember the Color of Jackie Kennedy's Pillbox Hat and you can see some images here-

Sell Sell Sell now....think beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls, pet rocks (ok maybe not the last one). Great score!

Buttercup - thanks a lot! I will absolutely have to take a sojourn up there - it looks fantastic. You guys are right about Cabbage Patch and Beanie Babies - I need to really think about this.

I'm so happy to come across your blog. It makes me happy to read it!

Keep up the great work!

Congrats on the dolls!

SELL NOW! I agree with whoever mentioned Beanie Babies...people hung onto those and now they're worthless. Sell now!

Good haul!

Sell now!!!!!

I love the Blythe doll with green eyes who looks a bit hippyish. So cute. What a score.

Sell now! They're hideous anyway (and I don't even drive a Hummer).

Pick one for yourself and let the kid pick one or two, then sell NOW!
Think beanie babies, and also think the longer you have them, the more difficult it is to part with them.

WOW how lucky are you? SELL THEM!!!! You must be the only person in the US today that has made a good investment?

Why doesn't my URL come up with my name any more?

I would decide which ones you want for YOU, as your personal collection (not for money, but for the enjoyment of displaying and having) and sell the rest...


I would keep them all forever and NOT sell any of them! :)

No in between.

SELL! Remember the beanies. You're not going to let juniorette play with them, and how are you going to display all of them. Keep your faves and ebay the rest. and then do something really fun with the money!

I am completely jealous and happy for you at the same time :) Amazing!!!


I'd sneak/sell a couple to cover the outlay costs.

What an amazing find! You are SO lucky! I love Blythe and am finding out that people everywhere think I'm a freak! HAHA. That was funny about the Hummer person and the country club lady.....sounds familiar. Hummers say a LOT about a person, much more than Blythe dolls do! LOL

Oh my goodness, I can just imagine how giddy you felt that no one there knew what the heck they were! What fun. Please post if you are going to sell any, I really, really want a Blythe!

oh wow. that's like walking away with the Holy Grail (ok maybe not but comes close!). i reckon (if husband will remain calm) you should display it in a row in your office or something!

geez i didn't know Blythe dolls were so expensive!

what a great find! I'd agree with most people here and pick 1 or 2 of your favorites to keep and sell the rest. The profits will be a nice addition to the kids' college funds, a nice vacation, more time off work without worrying, etc. How many blythe dolls can one person need anyway?! They are adorable though...

congrats :-D some good karma had to be sent out for that to come back...

I hope you enjoy them! That is a lovely collection of Blythes you've got there! I have an Aztec, and she's amongst my faves :-)

Holy smokes, what a lucky haul! For what it's worth, and to help you with selling any, the 12" dolls are (from top of entry to bottom)
Dottie Dot
White Magic Morning
Samedi Marche (blonde)
Rouge Noir (flaming redhead)
Strawberry Millefeuille
All Gold in One (aka "Goldie)
Black Berry Bush
Sunday's Best
Cute and Curious
Bohemian Beats
Aztec Arrival
Skate Date
Rendez-vous Chou Chou

ALL are either limited or super-rare.

You are the luckiest person ever.

gasp! What an amazing haul! Congrats and good on you for being the only enlightened one in the room! LOL

Perhaps my judgment is fogged as a Blythe lover and collector, and part of a Blythe community...but the "beanie baby" comments (I once collected those little money-suckers as well and can assure you Blythe is no where near the same thing) and idea of turning a fast profit is truly sad to me.
Why not take this rare and wonderful opportunity that has fallen into your lap and share the good fortune with those who will truly love them? Not necessarily the "highest bidder" (aka anyone who is rich beyond mine or most collector's imaginations) but someone who might not be able to afford some of these girls otherwise. "Pay it forward" of sorts. Even selling them at reasonable prices you can double, triple, or quadruple your money.
As for me I will be first in line for the Rouge Noir, Goldie, Aztec, Mondrain, Black Berry Bush, Strawberry M., Cute and Curious...........

Oh my... *__*

You lucky lucky lucky person! If you ever think of selling either the Skate Date (the blonde with the snow flakes in the second last picture) or the Sunday's Best (blonde with the stripes on the box), send me a message ;) I've been DYING to get my hands on one or the either XD

WOW! What a lucky, amazing day!!!! I can't even imagine the wonder and glory of it!!!! You have to keep a few, of many of them are limited edition and coveted ones, you will make a bomb selling them! What a lucky, fabulous thing!!! Congratulations!

Congrats! This story was posted on TIB (This is Blythe) and I'm soooo green. ...If you sell, go to TIB to avoid ebay fees...and share the love!!

Congrats again!

OMG! You are sooooo LUCKY!!!

I'm pea-green with envy!!


i collect blythes, and i would keep goldie because she is one of the ones i love and can't afford, but i'd sell most of them. if your kiddo is wanting to keep some, buy her one of the currently available, less expensive ones as a consolation prize! also, check out to find out more about your finds!

beanie baby.

beanie baby.

OH MY DAYS!!! Jackpot!!! That's an event that you will always remember and even your grandkids will talk about it...well, if you get any (grandkids, that is :o).
If I were you (which I'm not unfortunately), I would sell the most valuable RIGHT NOW while the price are crazy, and keep the "less" valuable for now (their value could go up). And, I would keep one or two just for my own enjoyment... but that's just
Have a wonderful day.

if you want to sell white magic morning (the pink haired one) let me know!!

That is soooo crazy...please show us more about the unfamiliar special editions and tell us what you decide to do!!

Congrats! They could not have gone to a better home....and I know you will take extra good care of them. That is a really weird coincidence. :)

I have just come home from a very long day! This story has put the biggest smile on my face......Love it.


I think this must be a sign that you are in the right place at the right time.

Agree with those saying SELL. You never know how long a fad will last. I admire your restraint, actually--if I knew that they were worth something and won them at an auction, I would have run around screaming to everyone "you looooosssers, these are worth TONS." :)

Congrats!!!! my gosh pink you are some lucky lady!!!I love them all.I can not tell you to sell or keep them,personally I would keep the ones I really love for myself and let go of the others but it is entirely up to you to decide!But that is one hell of a story!wow!

i'm soooo jealous, my eyes are >click!< green with envy...

omg! you are so smart + lucky!!!

oh my goodness. i want to faint. i am so so so so so insanely green with envy.

OMG ! you hit the royal jackpot!

Lucky girl! I would keep the ones you like, no matter what they are worth. Congrats :)

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