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February 20, 2008


I think it's gorgeous! I don't think it's too pepto at all. Especially after you paint your floor white. You will probably get used to it and then you will love it.

Eeee!!! Pink!

What brand of paint did you use? The color is great.

So much prettier! I did a similar bathtub makeover and painted mine sky blue. But I did the feet in white, which I think creates a nice contrast.

that is one sweet looking bathtub!

I think it's lovely but I'd paint the feet silver, or black or white for more definition.

OMG I totally love it. Sooooooo pretty and I'm soooooo jealous you have a clawfoot tub.

WE had a client at our salvage place who got a huge tub and had the claw feet CHROMED!! They totally rocked... especially since he had the tub painted gloss black.

Teh house will be all Casapinka in no time! ;)

wow hon! this is GORGEOUS. i ABSOLUTED LOVED it! man! get some great portrait over the bath... it's waiting to be pimped up!!!

Thanks so much you guys! I like the idea of painting the feet white or black. The paint is from Lowe's - I think it's Valspar but if you get the Olympic flat enamel it's on sale for $2 per quart right now. More to come soon on the bathroom.

Hot diggity! Love that pink tub!! Pink is the new black, right?!?


oh yum! a soaking tub! i've got one in my storage unit.....just waiting for the right spot!

I would never have guessed that you would do it Pink :)

oh, i wish my new house had a claw foot too! you did a great job it looks so much better!

I love it. You're on the Craft magazine blog!

Pink, you make me laugh!

love it :-)

i love pink! we just painted our clawfoot black. the pink color rocks!

I'm sooooo jealy. Lovely pink claw-foot bathtub. Le sigh
My tub is a nastacular robin's egg blue. That room is tops on the remodelling list.

Hi Pink,

I've got a little something for you over on 'mirrormirror'. No pressure to play...


Just saw you mentioned over at mirrormirror and was very excited to see you were back at it... I had just really gotten into the habit of reading your blog (as a total lurker) when you made the big move. Glad to see you are back at it, I really enjoy your posts. (and all that pink!)

OMG, just discovered your blog today and I think it's love. The tub is adorable. My boyfriend has given me permission to make over his outdoor claw-foot tub. The outside paint is peeling and rusty and I need to fix it stat!


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