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February 27, 2008


I would paint the radiator white, I think... it's squished in there, so you don't want to draw toomuch attention to it. The floors are looking good white!

I'd just paint it white. Can't go wrong with white in the bathroom, right? Also, the pink tub will really pop in a sea of white.

Of course, now that I've said that, you could also play it up with some nutty color that plays off of the pink tub... eh. White.

The floor looks great! Nice work!

YES - paint the radiator white. It stands out too much. And WOW the floor looks great! I am just DYING to slap some white paint on my floors too.

It will be a chore, but paint it white, or get a cover for it (if it fits!)

Oh wow, the floor looks so much better!

Yes paint it white.....keep the room totally white but for the pink tub. It creates far more impact.
Looking good

you MUST paint it magenta. Because it would be so great if you did that it seems a shame not to.

...the floor looks good, Pink... MUCH better... um, do you have any plans to do something with the sink?

Pink, the floors look so much better. I would probably paint the claw feet on the tub white as well. Definitely paint the radiator white, but wait until you don't need it anymore. Paint it during the summer. Because if it heats up after being freshly painted, it will smell up your home, and give you headaches. At least mine did. :)

I always wanted a white painted wood floor, but my hubby says "NOOO!" Lucky. :)

Why not paint it pink to match the tub? And the floor, too? Ooo, maybe stripes?

After seeing the plumbing that's painted white, I would paint the radiator white as well. I'm sure you know already, but just in case, there is paint made specifically for high heat. It's looking so cute!

I love old radiators like that I would paint it Pewter

Pink, it looks terrific! I'd definitely paint the radiator white, but do a little research about the kind of paint you use--I've seen nasty, peeling radiators in rentals past. The floor is an inspiration.

i'd paint the radiator silver, white isn't going to hide it, and it will get dingy. It has some great detail on it too, and will keep with the overall feel of your fixtures. If possible, you could add a top to it too- what a great place to put a towel while your in the bath, all toasty when you get out, a free towel warmer.

I agree with stripes, but extremely subtle, like the tub color or lighter with white stripes...wide stripes.

You know what designers always say, don't try to cover up the elephant in the it up!

3 words:

3 words:

I would paint the rad white...but add another colour to the floor. Large white and grey squares? Or maybe grey and white stripes? :)

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