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July 19, 2007


I love the PERRIER poster, so cool!


I admit to my ebay addiction readily (although I'm sure I'll be in the poor house soon due to a china / antique dishes addiction) and those sweepers are the BAIN of my existence!!! I guess ebay loves them as it drives up the price but I feel really quilty the few times i've used them and so have steered clear of them to avoid costly psychological help and $$ spent on liquor. Love the poster -what a find!!! BTW I'm in Portland oregon this weekend and the williams sonoma home store here has silver mint julip cups on sale for only $9.99 - go to your nearest WSHome and STOCK UP!!

I realllllly dig that Perrier poster! Very lucky find with great color and graphics, PLUS I love Perrier!

Oh no! Pink I must have that Perrier poster! Seriously, though, it is wonderful! Is it going in your dining room? I think it needs a large white frame, but that's just me. I frame everything in white.

That poster is fab Pink!!! Glad you won it, and even better that you didn't have to fight tooth and nail at the very end to get it :) Oh and the terrarium is adorable too!


Love the poster! And every terrarium must have a Hello Kitty I think.

Ooh, love the Perrier poster!

I love the colours in the perrier poster but the chick gives me the creeps. Not Frida creeps but creeps nonetheless.

nice print! how lucky... the thing with me and eBay its that i cannot stand getting outbided b/c I bid & bid until I'm under financial ruin...

oh, i like this a lot! what color room is it going in?

Great poster.

I love the poster! You should try ezsniper(.com). Put in your maximum ebay bid, and it bids for you right before the auction ends. It's saved me a lot of hassle.

I adore your blog by the way, I come here all the time. I'm currently jazzing up my place a little and your personal touches inspire me a bunch. My favorite is the turqoise desk.

Kim, it's your Christmas present so you'd better look at it every day until you grow to LOVE. Thanks you guys, she's great - isn't she? I think she will be going in the dining room.

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