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July 22, 2007


that's a clock? where are the hands? :P

Go back to the child's roots. Irish? OK if the family had money it was gin, if not then poteen. Alcohol or cigarettes, drugs are the best. Now if you had drunk copious amounts while pregnant then foetal alcohol syndrome would have meant he wasn't interested in the toilet bowl but he would probably cry incessantly. I suggest alcohol for yourself and a guard/guide dog for the kid. Sorry the question was about the chandelier?

Sorry I take that all back. Totally inappropriate. Children should be encouraged to explore and to resist temptation.

Drey, I made a correction in the post - the face of the clock is covered to prepare for painting it. MCJ, there's no precedent for toilet water, is there? : )

Yes, I always wondered why many people say girls are harder than boys. My experience is that little girls will sit and play quietly, and that little boys will jump from the ceiling, climb on the refrigerator, grab knives and pretty much get into everything, even if it is locked. They are fun, but very, very active. You have a normal healthy boy. Good luck!

Alternative acrylics ?!?! That's sounds like a fun class, was it just the one? Love the print you made :)


i know, fill the toidy with a toddy. that'll teach 'em.

My 2 year old enjoys her toilet water as well. Weird kids.

Love the DIY acrylic tulips. Seriously. They'd look great in my entryway. : )

I found a chandelier this weekend at my local building materials resale place. Ugly, brassy metal, shaped into long thing leaves. Loved the shape, hated the finish. Painted the whole thing chocolate brown and thought of you the whole time. I will be posting about it later this week. BTW, I love your asian-inspired chandeliers.

What's wrong with toilet water?... I drink it all the time. Seriously, I love your tulip art and the clock. Can't wait to see it painted.

My mother (who had three sedate girls and one on-the-go boy) has always said that she came to an understanding of how little boys' activity levels were inherently different than little girls' when she was in nursing school and was shown movies of squiggly, wriggly sperm making their way upstream to their destination. This was boy's nature, she realized. It bolstered her in trying times to remember that they couldn't help it... it was in their very most basic makeup, from the inception, er, conception.

He probably thinks it's Holy Water and wants to wash away his sins. See it's the Irish coming out in him.

LOL, he reminds me of my first who is still challenging and you don't want to know how old he is.k

Hey, thanks guys. I've never done art that anyone liked before. Was sort of embarassed to even show it.

Your son seems to be thriving on his diet of cat food and toilet water.

Hang in there! Love the Syroco.

those tulips look great. continue, continue

A cup a day. It'll boost the immune system.
So I am liking this new fixture lots! They scale is better I think!

You wanted that chandelier, didn't you...! I was on it, but I had to let go.

Btw, a toilet lock was the best $10 I've spent in a while. But don't toss the directions--I was stumped for a while.

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