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July 06, 2007


I think these faceted glass knobs from Anthropolgie would look smashing.
Since you didn't go with the mirrored chest maybe add some simple glass knobs. I love the turquoise.

Really beautiful! Wow how things are coming together. I love the lamp too. I vote for bright pink (like the dining room) for the chandelier.

Congratulations! You did find the perfect turquoise! I knew you would.

dearest pink...go to anthropololgie's site. i feel like their clear faceted knobs might be classic and perfect.

This one is so Paloma Picasso circa 1985.

This one has a bamboo-ishness (not a real word) to it.

Call and ask you can see their knobs. Go on, I dare you.

This looks great! I painted an old wooden filing cabinet in my office that color... and keep looking around for other things to use my left over paint on. Your entry hall is going to be gorgeous!

Desk looks great. I would paint the chandelier black. :)

Oooh, it IS perfect turquoise. You totally nailed it! Yay!

I think these red glass knobs might look smashing:

It looks fantastic!!! I think Tanna's on the money with the Anthropoligie knob, or one like it. I'm thinking I might know of a good ottoman for you...I'll check


Knob makes me giggle too! Ha!

I'm in love with these wee knobs.

I love the cockatiel knobs (am I kinky?), but maybe not in the Foyer (but then again, maybe I'd have to see them to be sure)... The lamp is perfecto. I agree with Tanna about the chandy color -- not black, not turquoise... not white... pink would be a little pale... fuscia would balance out the turquoise and bring the eye up.

Nick from Daily Dose had a great link to knobs and pulls I feel rather naughty using the words pull and knob in the same sentence. Don't you guys use that word in that context in the Land of the Free?

Argh! Would help if I read the comments! Becoming-home beat me to it. There are brass bamboo pulls there that you could paint the perfect pink, red, white or black. And I agree the red glass knobs are great.

Chandy = pink. Would be sooooo cute.

I am not familiar with the store Anthropologie but it seems to be very popular in America. Is it a big store like walmart? Reminds me of Paris flea market finds.
I think what you saved on the price of the desk should go to these fine desk buttons:

I think the Chandy should be painted to match Jackie-O's lips.

LOVE the turquoise! i have the bamboo furniture set from my childhood (its yellow right now) at my parents house. what a facelift! i have knobs and ottomans that would work! btw the screen is for sale!

Anthropologie has the best crystal knobs. I love them!


It looks beautiful.I agree with Katie and Tanna, Anthropologie, clear faceted knobs would be just right.

hahahahaha! did you see that link to knockers and knobs...hhahahahaha! we had a friend in london who dated a guy who was an ob-gyn/dentist!!!! we called him "knickers, knackers and knockers" hahahahha.

I think a gold fixture would make this turquoise desk look absolutely divine. This gold knocker knob from Anthropologie would really give the desk an extra pop.

I can't hear the word knob without laughing. But the world is full of them - if you see what I mean.

hmmm what about some shiny glossy black KNOBS *chuckle* (ok i'll be good) to go with your wallpaper? dunno not going for clear faceted knobs... too... done! :P

i'd go with morrocan PINK pouffes and definitely paint the bamboo lighting pink. these pink pouffes are a tad pricey but they're in the US (as opposed to so many in UK): (then to imports)

darnit, was going to get you to get me one of those cute yellow cuckoo clocks too! :P

Lots of pretty knobs here

You have been corrupted...

you'd need to measure to see if they were the right scale.

Cote de texas

Style Court posted these a while back. This is the answer. I promise you!

The Chandy needs to be PINK!!! I love the colour of the turquoise that you used. it's really similar to my stationary box I'm doing at the moment. Love it!

By the way - in Australia we also use the word "knob" in the other context! LOL!

I love you guys! Thank you for all your comments and links. When I wake up (night shift - just got home) I'll go though all of them and probably do a summary post. We had a harrowing problem in the backyard last night which I'll be posting about soon - there is never a boring moment here at CP. - Pink

I agree with lsaspacey chandy to match Jackie O's lips!

The turquoise is perfect! Tons of great suggestions knobs already, but I'll throw one more in the mix. How about something a little Hollywood Regency, like some of these lucite pulls from The Paris Apartment?

Wow!! The turquoise is perfect! Looks great!

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