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July 03, 2007


So glad Urban Outfitters worked out for you Pink...oh, and I just love that Mid Cent. sectional!! Let us know if you end up getting it :)

The conversation between your daughter and Jimmy makes me smile so hard it hurts. LOVE!

I totally dig everything you posted but that ashtray. I was stoked as I started reading this post until I saw it and thought "oh no she didn't!!" But for four bucks I hope grace kelly brings you lots of happiness.

wow, love the cuckoo clock- totally perfect!
funny that you are posting about the suzanni today, as my sister is here visiting and I showed her your previous suzanni post. She was a peace corps volunteer in Uzbekistan, and has purchased various suzanni as gifts over the years. Anyhow, she thought that the other one you have may have been intended as a prayer rug.

LOve them all
The cuckoo-clock is perfect

I have to say I like the Grace Kelly/Prince Ranier coronation ashtray--sophisticated kitsch!

I have to say I like the Grace Kelly/Prince Ranier coronation ashtray--sophisticated kitsch!

I just saw a clock like that yesterday. It was black though and only $15.00. I didn't really need it, so I passed it by. I love the yellow one, has my vote!!!
I love that green couch also. I need to go couch shopping!! I can't wait to see your dining room done!!

I love your ashtray, but then again I'm biased with anything grace kelly! I have quite a few plates set around to catch keys, change, etc. I have never used an ashtray though, good idea! My favorite small dish I have is from ebay also and is french from the 30s with a crazy dancing josephine baker on it - $1.99 on ebay a few years ago!!! Everytime I look at it I smile and I hope the same thing happens to you when you see Grace Kelly!! After a long hard day at work simple pleasures like that make a house a home.

I have a very similar suzani and I ADORE that sweet clock!

Loves the cuckoo..

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