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July 17, 2007


One of my favorite movies and soundtracks. I love it!

I love Amelie! Those are a great way to start the day. I loved Amelie's apartment. All red with little pops of blue lamps.

And yes, I've made a good many decorating faux pas. Sometimes, you just don't know until you get an object home and play with it. I'm one of those brave shoppers who returns things when they don't work.

I saw a really cute painting of Amelie on flickr:

I predict you will be making a lot less mistakes in your decorating. And you will get to a point where you won't need to ask advice any more. You'll just show us what you've done. Your style is really evolving.

Ahhhh! You found the key to my fave actress! Now all you need is a little French Chanson music playing in the background. Try Olivia Ruiz or Camille.

Check out my blog for some good videos...

You might also find Carla Bruni interesting too.

If you are looking for male chanson artists try Georges Brassens & Vincent Delerm

How can anyone not feel the need to crack creme brulee on a daily basis?

Pics look great. Not sure they need framing...

Loved that picture you posted. FYI: I looked and that Amelie print is available here
I just might have to get one.

I agree with paola, I don't think you need to frame these. By the way, I don't think the mirrors were a mistake.

Pink, have I got some things to show you. There's this guy in Brooklyn (in the house!) who has a yard full of these plastic Americon icons--Marilyn, James Dean, etc. I think your house should be the interior equivalent. What with the Jackie O and the Amelie. And those BUSTS that I somehow forgot about. You got such guts, sister. And suddenly, again, such motivation. I'm duly impressed. I heart the black glossy paint and the Hicks fabric. Now, how do I get me some of that nerve?

I love the Jackie-O print, but now I'm thinking you need an Audrey Hepburn pic. I know, I know, very predictable, but a black and white one would be cool. I think Amelie is a modern day Audrey Hepburn.

Isaspacy, thanks for the link! And, Pink, thanks for letting us have so much fun playing in your home!

I love those prints, I may have to get the creme brulee one for my still-not-existent studio (which is currently just a corner in my bedroom, but someday will be a whole room). I just rented Amelie last week while the hubby was out of town. Got to squeeze in my chick flicks when I can.

1916, I love chanson music (although I didn't know that was what it was called. Thank you for the links.)Lisa and Peggy, I really love that Judy Garland Amelie print as well. Must check out purchasing it (hope husband doesn't read that - I need to pull back i the purchasing dept.) Scrap, I have been thinking of having little icons spread around, many of them more subtle than Jackie and Amelie. You'll have to post photos of that home if you can.

And thanks to all of you. I'm in a bit of a home slump this week. As you know, trying to get stuff done with little ones around can be difficult, not to mention all the job stress that's been going on. I will try to keep you guys mildly entertained, however.

Amelie is one of my favorite movies.

I hope your week isn't as stressful as you thought - just look at Amelie when it gets tough and that will make you smile :-) I think thats what the light hearted touches in a home are for -when the going gets tough - crack your creme brulee! I have a little figureine of mary poppins that when I'm having a bad day and see it on my bookshelf always makes me smile :-)

Love em! I want to look like her when I grown up.

Amelie won't only smile at you, her eyes will tell you 1000 stories and surprises everyday; I bet!

The pictures are adorable! I love the film about Amelie! Both I and my husband found in love with her quirky ways and are saving the name for our first daughter (whenever that may be...)! Love your blog!

Oh i love audrey tatou, have you seen her in forget me ,forget me not. Those picture are sure stunning in you staircase now i shall listen to my ipod the amelie cd soundtract one of my favourite. Oh you are truly gifted to find such treasure ...;)

Looks totally fun and great. I wouldn't even spring for framing. Ahem, just put that amount into your ebay budget:-)

Do you have any idea what happened to that painter...the link the etsy shop is dead. Do you have his/her name anywhere?

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