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July 04, 2007


Happy 4th back atcha! I just know you will find the perfect color.

If there is one thing in all this world that I'm good at, it's picking colors. I like either of the top two cards (with 4 colors each), the second color down on either. Also, the third color down on the top left card with 4 colors is also good. I think they have more green in them than you think.

They will be closer to the turquoise you want than any of the remaining three cards.

i like the bottom left card, 3rd from top. and happy fourth to ya.

Top right, second down. Of course it is hard to tell on the don’t hold me personally responsible if it is the wrong shade. LOL!

Well, here is Benjamin Moore's Blue Spa (it's pretty close) and a picture of what it looks like in my home:

Good luck!

I like the bottom right. It would look great with pink, red and yellow if you wanted to include all of the great colors that you considered for this spot.

i actually like the top far right card, first colour. looks turquoise to me.

Top left, 3 down. I think it is the color we used on an armoir and it turned out quite turquoise (Lowe's?).

Also--I put in a vote for the aqua red combo. MS Weddings, a Vogue article from my HS days...such lofty sources cannot be wrong.

First card of four - third one down - no question! hahaha

Looks like the closest to turquoise, the bottom cards are too blue. Can't wait to see it - post it as soon as you're done. Hope you weren't too busy tonight.

Joni aka Cote de Texas

Thanks for the mention....I agree with Sarah

Remember Anna's comments about half and quarter strenths. Pick your favourie and "white" it down. Get some sample pots and play.

our bathroom is painted a turquoise blue. I just checked the can in the bathroom and the color is called Tidal Pool, it was from Home Depot and it is mixed in one of their American Heritage paints (I think that's the name). If you would like to see the color, lmk and I'll take a pic for you. (our 1978 home has harvest gold tile in the bathroom that we couldn't afford to take out and re-do, so we painted turquoise, have orange and pink towels and it works as a sort of a Caribbean bathroom)

My vote is top left, third down. But - looks like you don't need the bloggers help anymore (although it is so fun to read your blog). I don't think you can go wrong! I think you are on your way!

P.S. - I love the color scheme in the photo you posted from Turquoise's shop. Absolutely beautiful. You know with the white sofa, red and turquoise. I think Desire to Inspire also posted it.

The bird houses and clocks are very sweet for the kids' playhouse too.

Can't wait to see your progress!

If you haven't already, checkout!
It lets you enter the RGB value for any color and then gives you the closest match from a bunch of major paint retailers.

Using the magic wand tool in photoshop I sampled the blue of the robin's eggs in the picture you posted and came up with these values:

Close matches are:
BM 2052-40 BLUE SPA
BM 733 Palm Coast Teal
(732, Burbank Blue is quite nice too)

Hope that helps!

Top right card, second one down.

I agree those colours look great together. Hope you had a great 4th July.

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