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June 07, 2007


Looks great! Very sophisticated. Are you still you using the mirrored table in here?

Thanks! Yes, I'm still hoping to get that mirrored table if it is still available.

very very nice!!! i need some wallpaper!!! i just have to save up some more... sigh...

Love Love Love!
There is nothing more effin' classy than black and white. Love!
Now, a black flocked chandelier would look be made of awesome in that room.

I love the Petite Casapinka posts!

LOVE the wallpaper, looks great!

Looks awesome. Drama at the front door. :)

That looks amazing! It will make the most fab first impression on visitors!

Love it!!!

Beautiful! Can't wait to see mirrored chest in there. Sorry if I've forgotten - are you getting a new chandelier?

Sorry again - meant to post about Petite Casapinka, I think the only color for the door, is of course, pink.

Thanks everyone. I am on the lookout for a new chandelier but it has to be just right.

Love the wallpaper! Very stylish!

Love the wall paper! Thanks for the link to the wallpaper site. It is very groovy!

By the way....adding you to my blogger friends! I, too, am in the midst of renovation, so am loving getting to see your progress! It gives me hope.

Pink for the door gets my vote. And a beautiful chandelier - oh but the agony of having to choose only one...

Both groovy and chic,interesting combo.

wow. i keep looking again that those photos. love the feel of the room. can't wait for the chandy choice. what colour chandy??

I never get bored with petit casa pinka not for a minute!!!I love this though,I am sooooo much for black and white it is so dramatic!
Ps thanks for the comment Pink mom is doing fine thank you!

it looks FENOMENAL.

Gorgeous! During my surfing I'll be on lookout for a chandelier you might like.

I think you said the mirrored vanity was in your bedroom now, but is yours actually good quality? I bought it twice hoping the second one would look better than the first, but they were both just awful. You could see glue oozing out around every mirror, and the cut-outs in the wood for the mirrors were all uneven and looked like they had been gouged out with a knife.

P.S. Love the wallpaper!

oh so very lovely!

Oooooh! LOVE it! A black or brightly coloured chandy (like that one you posted a photo up of before) would look fabbalicious...

I am so freaking jealous that you are have such amazing wallpaper in your house. I'm going to go pout now.

Wow. The wallpaper is both graphic and delicate. Terrific.

I think a hot pink chandy in there would be spectacular!

For your kitchen...

Love it, love it love it. A black chanderlier would look fabulous in there. Dutch by Design do a great one for around £50. I used to have one but left it in my last house for the new owner. Too big for the cottage but I do miss it.

Tara, thanks for the lavender links! All of you, I would LOOOOOOOVE that bright pink crystal chandy that I posted last month but it is tres difficult to find although I bet ABC Carpet and Home has one. Anna and I have talked about it, and I think I'll make our discussion into a post since there is so much interest. Tara, my mirrored vanity is amazing quality. No glue showing, heavy etc. Usually, I am the one to get the crappy version of something but for once I didn't. My niece also got this vanity and her dad is an arcitecht/builder and thought it was good quality, so it seems that it is variable.

Totally stunning!!!!

wow! I love it! Looks wonderful. I have yet to try wallpaper. Maybe with my new house it is time. :) lol

Your wallpaper is absolutely stunning! I am going to read all your sweet petite Casapinka posts, since we have a littel french garden house!


Found a cool chandelier for you on PBTeen (of all places) and its on sale.

Looks like enough people have given their "wows" but I really love your wallpaper! So jealous, can't wait till I'm not renting and can put something up like that!

I go away for ten minutes and you do your whole house. What's up with that? I'm jealy. But wait? Did you hang yourself?

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