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June 29, 2007


but why not pink?

gosh the turquoise one is really really really looking good Pink! gogogo!!!!

Oooo, love the mock-ups. And love the Junior idea! xxo

what about black lacquer for the foyer table? I know, black, snooze, but I think it would be really gorgeous and dramatic with the wallpaper.
Junior is TOO adorable!

that is a great great idea!

that is a great great idea!

Have a look at my blog for a mention of a previous post!!

Such a cute pic. Are you familiar with

It's a site where you can search just about anything you want to do in photoshop and you will find a list of very good online tutorials which take you step by step to achieve whatever effect you want. I basically learned photoshop on this site. k

Hey, see if she can do one for you with pink table, red light, and leave the blue out.

You know, just to see all the options.

Yes, those mock ups are great, and loving the turquoise one esp :) For what you're looking to do, learning Photoshop should be fairly easy. I bought a few helpful books as well to aid me in my work, but the tutorials are great too.


I swear I saw two things just for you today...let me go find one...
Okay: She does different/unusual photography of kids!
Oh...the other...I bought an old book called The Pink House...I'll have it in my Flea Market on friday I think.

The house looks fantastic!!! I LOVE the wallpaper in the hallway.

I like the turquoise too. I'm not a huge fan of red and pink together. Okay, i said it....

hey, for what it's worth, monkeydad does photo retouching for a living. let me know if i/we/he can be of assistance. :)

monkeybaby sez hi to petite placido.

hey, darn it. my comment got eaten.

what i said was that monkeydad does photo retouching for a living. let me know if you'd like any assistance with the pic. :)

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