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June 10, 2007


It looks great there to me unless there is an even better spot IN the Hemingway room for it.

It does work in the foyer, but you could hang it over the mantel with the Chinese couple on either side. J'adore your blog and style! XX, LC

I think it would look ok on that little wall. Leave that table under it and put a big (not too tall) funky asian vase on the table.

I think it looks great there, though I would hang it about six inches higher than it's currently positioned.

And it's good to have a mirror stationed just before you leave the house so you can check how gorgeous you look before you leave...

I like it above the table. I'm not so keen on it above the mantel.

YES! I love it, it's great there and it's convenient for checking yourself if someone comes to the door. Do you have room for a table below it? I feel like it needs an anchor. Or maybe hang it above the bench you're having reupholstered. After seeing this though, I think you should move the dining room chandelier to the foyer and put the bamboo like chandelier in the dinging room.

I think the mirror works great there. The space is big enough to leave a bit of wall on either side and I think it utilizes what would otherwise be a wasted bit of wall. I really like it there!

Also, is the wallpaper salvageable? Can you trim off the damaged bit and still get some use out of the roll?

Super looking mirror! Nice score!

I think it will look great there in the hallway- that wallspace is not too small for it, at least in my opinion :)

Great purchase pink I love that mirror.

I love the piece but I'm voting for placement in the hemingway room as well. There's something very masculine about it to me.

Love, love, love the mirror! Not totally familiar with the house, but what about in place of where the asian couple are? That is a bigger wall, and then stack the couple on the mirror wall......or what about on the wall in the foyer? I just can't get over how great that mirror is!

OH!!! Clapping!! Everything is coming along so swooningly!!!! I love it! And that wallpaper.. Dreamy!!! xxxoo

I really like it in that space. I would hand it upside down for a more interesting effect.

In the foyer!!!! Fo suer! haha

This is all looking so wonderful. Give yourselves a pat on the back

Maybe it is better if the mirror is placed on the wall, hang it with nail?

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