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June 29, 2007


Love that! Looks great.


I thought you had painted the table bright blue. I think Jackie would approve though.

Here. I made you this. I didn't have the wide view of your foyer, so I had to improvise a bit, but it was fun.

I had to put "returns" in the url so it would fit. Just backspace anywhere there is a line break and you too can see your photoshoped foyer!

So instead of Jesus, JFK and the Pope, you could have the Virgin Mary, Jackie O., and...Tricia Guild? Another thought: a matching magazine cover of Marilyn Monroe to hang next to Jackie :)

So he's not going for the red, pink, black, and white idea?

Pink, excellent idea. That's how to use an icon - to spark conversation. I love her in your entryway. Love her.

I also dearly love the idea of the table being a brightly laquered turquoise and the chandy being hot pink.

I'm with you. Wish I could blog all day too.

i like the turquoise idea a lot, but i think you should lacquerlacquerlacquer it.

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