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June 27, 2007


I like the idea of a turquoise chandy. There's a pic of one on one of the blogs I visit...hang on, lemme find it...oh yeah, it was DesignMom (

I'm not really grooving on the yellow...I think it's too trendy. But that's just me.

i think the pink, red, black and white would look GREAT in your foyer... especially since the pink is a toned down red, i think it would look very consistent with the magenta in your dining room... i think it's a great color combo!

good luck!

Okay, just the idea of chartreuse and aubergine made me throw up in my mouth.
Now I loves me some pink and red. love it.

I'm with you, Pink -- super-shiny red desk, pink chandy would look so fabulous with your gorgeous b/w wallpaper. Can I live vicariously through you? My husband would NEVER let me do that color-scheme in our house...

My vote is turq desk, white chandy and pink in some vases or in artwork/fabric etc. And I say no to the red/pink idea. I think that can be hard to pull off. But this is so much fun!!! I love a base of black and white. So many colours can work...

Of course I'm drawn to the pink and red. It looks smashing!

Loving the pillow colors. Maybe black lacquer for the desk with pink and red accessories on top with the lantern a pink or red? What fun!!

Hey Pink, just to throw in a few more black and white and other-colours scheme, have a look at pics from my inspiration files.
I personally like the hot pink and red scheme.

Hey lady! We are so on the same page with the turquoise and pink, I use that color combo all the time in my paintings, my fave!

I love turquoise and red a lot -so pink is a close 2nd I suppose :-) It's so 'french' in some ways. I have a vintage turquoise bistro table and chairs with glass top with red seat cushions (all original, thank god for grandparents with good taste). I say go for the turquoise desk and pink chandy - paint is easy to redo if you don't like it!

Pink and turquoise are indeed a very lovely combination. That first pic is so lovely I could see it as a large painting. I have some color theories I would like to share with you. I'll send an email.

I agree with kiminottawa. As support for this argument see this:

Notice the pink little lantern on top.

I think you need a big, curvy mirror above the desk and two hollywood regency type chairs to the sides like these:

to flesh out the vignette. So, consider all these options when choosing colors = like turq. chandy, turq. desk, white mirror, red painted fret work chairs. Just a thought!

I like a black lacquer desk too. Loving the pink red and black. I see a large red cloisenne vase on a stand on the desk. A small chinese porcelein bowl holding masses of turqoise beads overflowing onto the table. Chandie in red or pink.

I like them all! I actually have a great pink and turq. photo for you too.

And red and pink is one of my alltime faves. I did a palette in colourlovers a white back that you may like:
It doesn't have the black but easily could!

This is not the image I was talking about but there is also a nice pink and turquoise combo on Peak of Chic's post about offices:

I love pink and red!!! I am doing my home office in it!! It just not something you see everyday,..and black and white would look good with it too.

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