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June 12, 2007


Paint it red! Paint it red!

EBay is so addictive, you found the perfect light, it will look great in the hall. I am all about the yard sales, I love a great find. Ebay is instant visual gratification but I can never "win" an auction!

Oooh..I love this...lucky girl!!!

how about white with a coat of dry-brushed gold accent, like one of the Ralph Lauren paints?

I think you should most definitely paint it an Anthropologie red. :)

I dig it. I think it should be either black or white...or maybe hot pink. :)

The eBay gods were smiling upon you, girlfriend!

Congrats on such a good score! Love it.

I vote for Hermes orange. I think it will add a lovely glow at night and during the day it will be a standout.

I am with sarah. except maybe dry brush silver, if you're going to have mirrored console in there.

Gorgeous, that will look fabulous! I say keep it white.

Maybe I should have you on Ebay lookout for me? I only look twice a month, if that.

You most certainly will get admiring glances from me on that one. I know I would lacquer it red,but I think glossy white is pretty wonderful too!

Thank you, everyone. I love the idea of Hermes orange, red, yellow - you name it! My problem is that I just know I'll want to change out cushion colors etc. and I'm not sure how I would do a lavender themed foyer with, for example, a red chandy. Any advice here is welcome! Oh, and Lisa - I'm more than happy to be your Ebay watchdog. Some people watch soccer or cricket for leisure. I watch Ebay!

Red! or glossy white.

Without knowing the measurements of both the fab light fixture and the mirror to know if they will work size-wise with each other, it's hard for me to make a judgement call on this, but just a thought....Since both have a bamboo theme, have you thought about putting the mirror in the entranceway (on the lefthand wall as you're facing out your door), parallel with the light fixture? Both seem to fit stylistically, and the mirror would reflect the light and repeat the nod to oriental design in that small space. Of course, you may have another WONDERFUL idea for wall decor in the hallway (for which you'll have to spill the beans & share!!). ;-)

-- waterloverus

White is certainly safe, but a color is what will make people stop and say "love that". I'm thinking red also, or maybe pink.

How about a bright Tiffany blue or a bluish turquoise?

oh wow, isn't this the most perfect thing to go in your foyer??? how lucky you found AND won this!

i'm thinking gloss pink!

Love the fixture, great find. I say go wild and paint it a bold color so that it calls some attention in the space...I'm thinking turquoise or Hermes orange like Style Court suggested. Good luck and let us know what happens!

I second "Tiffany blue or a bluish turquoise" although I understand wanting to keep it neutral.

I would usually say bright white but I'm thinking turquoise would be fantastic!

With the bold wallpaper it needs to be a color. I think the Tiffany blue would be lovely! An interesting plum might work, or the color of your dining room- a hint of what is to come?

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