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May 03, 2007


Great find! Pink Velvet would be great. It would play off the pinks in the cherry blossoms.

Paint legs white and recover (if that's doable money-wise) in a mod black/white fabric from reprodepot. Or just drape a blanket over it and call it a day. It's a good entry bench to sit and put shoes on.

Cartwheel Spring Pink?

Ebony and Ivory?

oh, and did I say 'LOOOOVE IIIIIIT'. There is something so posh about benches.

Pink velvet or pink suede. Expensive yes but way cool.

You could black lacquer the legs and then find a graphic black and white striped pattern for the upolstery. If you are going to put it in the bedroom... well, I'd have to know what that looks like. :D

I agree to either paint the legs in white or black, and the re-cover it in a sleek and bold black and white stripe. Be careful using fabrics like velvets etc, as they tend to show "bottom" outlines from where people have been, and can look "messy" when the fabric is not all running in the same smooth direction! LOL.

if you have a reupholsterer who is that cheap, i have a chair i need to send you. the cheapest place around here is about $500.

I say velvet. Maybe Blue Velvet.

Great find Pink!! I would paint the legs white (which Kim has already suggested) and I'd upholster it in a beautiful geometric design fabric.

Def. redo in pink fabric...a light pink I think!

ok i'm going different from everyone here so far :P i say paint the legs in glossy teal and upholster the seat red.

on that note, send me your upholsterer in a box to Australia. for that price i can sell some great things!

white legs, snd a stripe fabric

Hi Pink, has some lovely fabrics. I like the Lorca porfiro stripe but not quite sure if it would fit in. The website seems to make everything rather dark,the fabrics are much brighter and lusher in real life!

there's also designer's guild, the website is a bit of a beast tho.

Okay, for the entry, here's another thought from leftfield: how about bright kelly green upholstery, with black legs? My first thought was to use the same hot pink going in your dining room. Then I thought green, to go with the pink and also give off a Kelly Wearstler vibe...

I met Wynonna at a book convention once. She had THE BIGGEST head I had ever seen on a human. Truly, it was like a giant watermelon. I was mesmerized.

I'd tuft it like the pink one pictured a post or two above. I love the legs as they are.

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