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April 10, 2007


That man's a keeper, for sure!

Now *that's* a gesture worth a thousand brown pillows! ;)

Can I have your husband when you're finished with him?

how sweet! and funny about that cheesegrater comment on the heels... something i absolutely understand!

but your husband sure scores brownie points in bucketloads huh!!?!?!?!?

what a sweet husband!
skip the grater and get some of this
works miracles!

Now, THAT is a good man. I am in awe.

Best husband ever. Is it crazy for me to leave shoe requests lying about on my cooking blog?

Thanks, you guys - he IS the best. Jessica, I didn't even realize husband regularly read this - I think he might read it once a week or so. It seems like a great hint facilitator, doesn't it?! Thanks for the skin softening rec, nyjlm.

I am SO going to give hubby a pat on the back for this!

That is so sweet!Hubby sure knows what a girl loves.I too am married to a man who loves me to bits.Isn't that the most precious feeling in the world?What!In the whole universe!Have fun you two.
xoxo d

I would totally pass out if my boyfriend came home with something like a pair of shoes for me. That's about as likely as me coming home with some sort of car or computer something-or-other for him.

Lucky girl! It's always nice to get shoes but two pairs? You totally scored, on the shoes and the man. Can't wait to see how you display them and how you put an outfit together with the other pair!

Firstly - take a bow husband, secondly put those fabulous shoes in a big old empty picture frame on the wall as they deserve to be shown as a work of art.

awww! how sweet is THAT!

How very sweet
Put them on...clap your heels together and say: "there`s no place like home" I`m not colourblind....just sentimental

I am jealous. :( But happy for you! :)

just passing threw,come on over 4 a visit darling

They'll look great wherever you put them. What a sweetie!

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