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April 23, 2007


I was just this morning thinnking about how difficult it is to hang a mirror. Especially when the rest of the house is looking like a tornado hit it. But these look great. I love the different shapes. You make Steph's idea of using templates look like fun rather than the chore I assumed it would be.

They look really pretty! You need more - at least one more. Things in even numbers make me crazy. The black ribbon was a great choice. Now I want me some pretty mirrors!!!

Hey Pink, glad the suggestion came in handy! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll come out of the rut with even more ideas :)

While you probably already know this, I just want to protect you from any broken mirrors. If the ribbon is the only thing holding them up, you either need to find a secondary way to affix them to the wall or you need to sew through the center of your bow a million times until you are sure they wont come open. Because it is a sad maker when your ribbon unties and you get broken mirror in your toe when you get up in the middle of the night to pee.

Sarah. I tied a knot in the ribbon first just before the bow. Do you think that is enough?

Oh yes I thoroughly approve.

great to see you FOUND your mirrors :) i'd love to see the wall plastered with vintage mirrors at the end of your mirror hanging journey!

Ooh, I dig it. :) Very nice.

I was just informed that I hung them too far apart! What's a girl to do - if I move them there will be nail holes. SIGH.

Oh, I love love love the black ribbon. It's enchanting.

Nice! Looks fabulous...

They are rather far apart -but if you plan on getting more ( and that would be fabulous ) I think they're fine! Love the black ribbon -adds a bespoke touch!

I really like the black ribbon part. Don't worry with rehanging them closer together- just buy a few more!

Black ribbon great. Yes, you need more. Am I the only person who thinks that patterned templates in the shape of mirrors actually looks rather fab?

They look beautiful but I do think you need some more too!!

More, more, more.

Although I liked the templates as well. They looked great!

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