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April 17, 2007


I adore the old cocktail glasses. I collected a bunch called Hellenic Ware. They look like Wedgwood Jasperware. I find them in thriftshops or on e-Bay.

Your dining room is going to look fantastic!

Heck yeah, I'll be there with bells on!

Love the whole package! The glassware is fab.

The mirror? the Suzani? Gorgeous.

I like the last color on the newest paint chip you showed. Either that one or the bottom color on the paint chip on the left as you're looking at the screen. I also LOVE that suzani. There was an article in the April Dominio about a designer that uses a lot of suzanis in her design. Check it out if you haven't already. Her home is a lot more earthy than glam, though.

I know it's not the colour you're looking for, but I love the top colour in the middle paint card, and I love the mirror and I love the suzani. And the chandelier and....

I too love the bottom paint chip of middle set and I adore that mirror. It's similar to the one I put up in my bathroom. Totally loving where you're going with this!!!

ooohh love where this is headed. the suzani is gorgeous!

The last color of any of those cards, but I feel strongest about the bottom one on the new card.

Bottom midddle paint chip and yes to the mirror. It's going to look fab!

You are not off base at all with that mirror, it is seriously on base.

I absolutely love that mirror, too! And those look like Moroccan tea glasses! ie wait until you get here and purchase - at Orientaliste on Rue de la Liberte here.:-) $3.50/glass

New paint chip, last colour for me! some fresh white trim with those lovely vases you posted would 'frame'the room wonderfully!

I love that mirror so much. I'm so wishing mine were horizontal. Hmm. It reminds me of those 19th Century mirrors with etched glass that I see around Brooklyn antique stores for $400.

I vote for the bottom middle paint chip too, and I love the random bits of green in the suzani. Complementary colors always boost each other.

i would totally party with you. and that mirror is awesome.

I love the Suzani, and the mirror would be awesome. The first set of glasses remind me of Moroccan Tea Glasses.

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