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April 15, 2007


gosh i love the red room above (but you know i'm looking for reds for H's room)... i also REALLY love the aqua room too with the whimsical butterflies!

what about a pale yellow room (which i am liking for your room) but have a totally pink reading nook/corner? :)) i'll post those pics on my blog soon, as i want to set my 13 month old with a reading nook already! :P hey, at the rate she goes through my books and magazines she can read and read FAST.

I am totally thinking you should go Wary Meyers on this room. Bright retro fabrics, a bunch of different patterns, crystal chandelier, parasols, chinese lanterns, pillows on the floor, a semi-bright blue wall colour... OMG I should have done that for MY bedroom!!!

By the way, that was Jo's idea - I can't take the credit.

How about aqua walls with red accents as the main scheme? As in the room with the balloons, and maybe incorporating some red furniture as in the first picture. I love red and aqua together.

That way you could make it fresh and pretty at Juniorette's end of the room by incorporating more white and maybe some hot pink, and more manly at Junior's end by incorporating some navy blue.

I agree with Paola - that's a great colour scheme!!! That aqua is a bit bright though you think?

Several of those are positively darling but faves would be the bright dots and the name graphics. You could put her name on one wall and his name on the other wall. That way each of them 'owns' their space. I love bright bold colors for kids. It stimulates the mind.

Hey Pink,

Not sure if they would fit in with the feel you're trying to achieve, but I think these are adorable. You could probably get Jim (or was it James? the carpenter)to fashion something similar. Phaps it could be painted pink to enourage Juniorette to keep her toys/clothes neatly?

What a great post, I think that Childrens rooms are so fun, because you can really tap into a fantasy. On a more serious note, please visit I think you have the site bookmarked. Maryam has a disturbing story about posting childrens images on her site. After reading it I took several images off my site too, I think it's truly horrifying.

Pink... This is from another Baltimore gal...Hue and was featured in Apt. Therapy a couple of weeks ago. It's gorgeous.

Hey pink. I have a suggestion for you, but since I have no clue how to post pictures for you here, I will run over and put them up on my blog. I agree with Anna about white, but think I would put white on the walls as opposed to the beds. If your kids are anything like mine, they wouldn't be white for long. :) I think there is a way for juniorette to have her cake and you eat it too. :)

Some lovely ideas here. By the way I have almost completed the kid's vintage room for you. Will put it up sometime this week.

I think Paolo's scheme sounds great too! Alternatively, perhaps an aqua and yellow scheme would pass the gatekeeper? Lots of pretty things that would go with those sheets you picked out at :

Am not sure if the above would suit the vintage toys tho, will try and find more pics!


You guys are the best readers a girl could have! I've responded to some of you personally, some I'll respond to now: Di, I didn't realie you were doing a vintage kiddie room vignette - lucky me! Steph, I spend tooo much time at the Cath Kidston site - love it all! Paola, I love aqua walls but what you don't really know yet is that the master is aqua! We looooove it but Anna and I thought it might be a bit too much aqua. I, too, love the idea of red accents so I haven't totally eliminated the idea. Kiwi, I, too, love bright colors for kids and I'm not sure why i'm so fixated on this vintage styled room for them. Prob bec juniorette's nursery was bright red. Kim and Jo, I love WM, too. Do you know how hard i have to FIGHT not to do something like that? Maybe I shouldn't fight it! Despite my level of confusion, I'm going to do an inspiration board like the bug girls and boys do and see whati come up with by the weekend - promise not to be this annoyingly indecisive for too long! Julie, thanks again!!!!

I think the aqua color would be fine! I don't think its "girly"! It just depends on what else you put in the room! That color that you saw on my blog (the hollywood room) is very calming too!! But bright and fun at the same time. I love it. Good luck. I can't wait to see what you do.

Oh my....I`m always so inspired by kiddies decor!!!!
What a difficult choice

I am deeply, madly about that red room. I am serious - it is making me rethink things in a whole new way.

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