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April 25, 2007


I absolutely LOVE that wallpaper!! It would definately be very striking. I love black and white and the best thing is that you can always add other colours to it like pink, lavender, yellow, blue, red, aqua, orange!

I think with the black and white base the lavenders dont have to match perfectly. clash / schmlash. What a beautiful plan you have for your foyer!! I always think the entry way is the most important room of the house as it A: gives your guests the sneak peak of the rest of your house and B: is probably the first thing that welcomes you home everyday ( unless you enter through a back door )!
Love what you are thinking and can't wait to see pictures!

Love the wallpaper. And the lavender touches will soften the graphic look of black and white. It's going to look great!

I agree, everything is beautiful, and the lavender will be a great accent.

Can I come live there? I can roll up into a tiny ball, I won't make much noise?

That pillow is almost edible and I love it. k

I am dying for a mirrored piece of furniture like that chest. I actually saw some mirrored furniture at Target a while back.

I love love love lavender and it's pinker sidekick, lilac. It's elegant and femme like a Chanel suit. I say accessorize with strands of pearls

Perfect choice of wallpaper. Hard to choose because that company has too many amazing ones. I think it will look FAB with lavendar and silver. Very classy.

wow! thank you SO much for submitting your oh-so-lovely blog to Delightfulblogs. It's such a treat and I plan to be back (with a glass of wine) to fully explore all the posts.

Ooh, I lurve it! It's all so glam and sophisticated and posh! Seriously, girlfriend, go check out's not high end but they're doing the black, white, silver and lavender right now.

Thank you all for your encouragement. It's nice when something just comes together as this did. I just suddenly thought "black, white, lavender, silver." Can't wait to run with this one!

Is it strange that I'll miss the cherry blossoms?

Wow, really? I might put them somewhere else such as a bathroom. They just didn't achieve quite the effect I was after and L, you can always look in the archives if you get to missing them too much!

I'm loving the orchid pillow and the wallpaper. It it a nice combination of modern graphic and soft sophistication. Not to mention your glam hollywood chest. Yowza!

Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it all together.

I think those pieces would look great together. It’s so Glamorous and soft (with the lavender pillow) at the same time. I like it.

I love the wallpaper! Everything together would look stunning. Very glam!

The wallpaper is perfect!!!! If I was having wallpaper, that's the one I'd want!

I totally approve of black, white and lavender.

Great find Pink! I love your idea of lavender accents -- so you and so Anne Coyle. As Anna said, the versatility of the black-and-white would allow you to switch accent colors in a few years, or even seasonally.

Thanks again, everyone. It really reinforces my idea when all the people whose taste I so admire also like the wallpaper. I'm so glad I held out for "The One."

These are lovely and the lavender with it will be stunning!!!

Oh, so you found cherry blossoms that are black and white. That's such a great wallpaper--nice and graphic, but easy to mix and match and love year-round. I'm waiting on a wallpaper. Are you wallpapering it yourself?

OMG, I JUST saw that chest in a magazine today. It's fab, fab, fab. Do you know where it's available?

How can i buy that foyer wallpaper?

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