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April 03, 2007


What an amazing idea...I totally love it!!!!!

Wow! I am behind on posts over here.1. The picture of you and your son is incredible! 2. What an offer! Could you do it Very part time? 3. That frame is something every parent should have. 4. Wallpaper on the floor...oh the possibilities!

Thanks, Jane. It would be veryveryvery part time. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. The babysitter is a sweetheart.

no pic above, casapinka! wallpaper on the sink i GOTTA See. go back, get in there and get the camera clicking!!!!! do it for us. btw, let us know the progress of this personal organiser. i'd be v. interested to see what she recommends.

oh pooh....for some reason the photo is not showing up, I'll try back again later. I just recently did a reorganization project in my studio, but things are busting out the seams all ready!

CHEERS to fabulous Maine Girls!

Hey Pink, that sounds like such a fun organisational job! One of my favourite studios is Heather Bailey's. ( She has some incredible fabric designs as well) I think it's absolutely beautiful with lots of neat storage ideas. Plus it's pink!

Steph, I've never seen her studio before. It's AMAZING. WOWWOWWOW. I'm going right back over to check it out in detail. Guys, I think I fixed the photo now. I will try to photograph the wallpapered sink for you guys!

Steph, that is the most gorgeous studio ever. thanks for sharing.

Pink, those picture frames are genius!

I'm buying those frames! Think I may have to get myself a personal organiser too (you wouldn't believe the amount of junk we've transported from the UK).

Good luck with getting organized! The feeling when you are finished will be great!!! :)

I've become a Casapinka addict! I love your ideas and creativity...especially the ones that require organization. Am OCD myself. Am especially in awe of how you juggle work and home. Amazing! Keep up the great work and can't wait to read about more of your decorating stories.

Maybe my little 45s belong in those frames. All of them in one.

Ohhh those art frames are exactly what I need! Thanks for sharing!

I could use some of those frames. Just need to wait until my craft room is drywalled to see how much wallspace I actually have.

Wow!!! dang nab thats what I need ,a personal organizer(or a bull-dozer).

Where can one get those nifty frames?

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